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Our Tail

Our Mission

Tricia and Sadie of Givebones

Givebones is a charitable company committed to giving homeless dogs the life they deserve. By selling dog collars, Givebones provides funding to animal shelters and rescue groups striving to help dogs in need. Ultimately, our goal is to generate awareness and financial support in hopes of reducing the amount of homeless dogs being euthanized every year.

The Givebones Story

Often in life, inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. For me, it happened while my husband was participating in a Giving Trip with TOMS in Central America. During his trip, he couldn’t help but notice the amount of homeless dogs. There was one dog in particular who at first sight sadly lived up to his name, Bones.

Start Something That Matters

After reading “Start Something That Matters” written by friend and “One for One” business pioneer Blake Mycoskie, I was eager to join the movement! To honor the dog that inspired it all, we started Givebones.

While homelessness is a global epidemic, we decided to start the movement in our own backyard. For every collar sold, Givebones gives back 10% of sales to shelters and rescue groups dedicated to our cause…giving every dog the life they deserve.

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